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Together we drum, our hearts beat as one
My little Ogichidaa


"An Indigenous mother walks through the woods reciting an anthem of strength, power, and social change to her unborn child. The lyrical text is reinforced by illustrations in richly hued colors. The empowering narrative and stunning artwork combine for a lovely tribute to a future child...this is a recommended first purchase." - School Library Journal Starred Review

"...beautifully surreal. [An] inspiring picture book celebrating Indigenous children, families, and culture." - Publishers Weekly BookLife Review

"...lovely, lyrical picture book... a love letter to the next generation. The colorful, vivid illustrations depict the beauty and wonder of childbirth... Whether readers are Indigenous themselves or not, this book is a celebration of human life and the resilience that can be found in even the most challenging of situations. Beautiful and heartfelt, this is a lovely addition to a family's home library." -- Children's Literature, A CLCD Company

Minnow; The girl who was part fish
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