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In this beautifully illustrated book, a determined young Anishnaabe girl in search of adventure goes on a transformative journey into a forest on her traditional territory. She is joined by a chorus of her ancestors in red dresses, who tell her they remember what it was like to be carefree and wild, too. Soon, though, the girl is challenged by a monster named Hate, who envelops her in a cloud of darkness. She climbs a mountain to evade the monster, and, with the help of her matriarchs and the power of Thunderbird, the monster is held at bay. Together the young girl and her ancestors beat their drums in song and support, giving the girl the confidence she needs to become a changemaker in the future, capable of fending off any monster in her way.


Together We Drum, Our Hearts Beat as One is a moving and powerful book about Indigenous resistance and ancestral connection

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About the author

Aanii bozhoo!

I'm Willie, a Metis author from the Robinson Huron Treaty Territory (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada) and a proud member of the Metis Nation of Ontario. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous studies (Laurentian Univeristy) and a Master of Arts in archaeology (University of Chester, UK).

I currently reside on Prince Edward Island as a guest on the traditional lands of the Wabanaki and Mi'kma'ki people; however, I live a nomadic lifestyle and I have had the opportunity to be a guest in many places across Turtle Island. I have spent time in the North learning from the Gw'ichin people, in British Columbia in the communities of Xeni Gwet'in and Lil Wat, and even spent a couple years connecting with my heritage and family in the United Kingdom. I live a nomadic lifestyle, however, Gichi-Gami (Lake Superior) will always be my home.

I grew up with a close relationship to my Metis grandpa who filled my head with old stories of running trap-lines, trading furs, dog mushing, and long canoe journeys through the Great Lakes. These stories laid the foundation for my future and I am beyond grateful to have had that connection to my ancestors and my culture.

I currently work in Indigenous education for the Moose Hide Campaign and have been working in Indigenous education with youth across the Nation for the last 10 years. My stories are largely inspired by the youth I meet. All of the young Indigenous people I have been able to meet and work with have inspired me in ways I cannot begin to describe. I admire your strength, your passion, your growth, and I promise to do everything I can to change your struggles and make the world safer for you as well as amplify your voices and support you. Above all else, it is the youth who taught me to fight for what I believe in; and for me, I do that through writing. My stories are my feelings, emotions, and my tribute to the youth in my life. I promise that a percentage of profits will always go to Indigenous initiatives.

I offer full transparency and invite you to contact me if you have any questions or want to know more.

I also love doing classroom visits and youth/child workshops - don't hesistate to reach out!